Palmetto Amateur Radio Club

Local Amateur Radio Nets

Weekly Announcements:

Local Repeaters:

Day of WeekTime of DayNet DescriptionFrequency
Daily Nets0700Florida Phone Traffic Net (FPTN)3.940 MHz LSB
0700 - 1200The Intercontinental Amateur Traffic Net14.300 MHz USB
1000Salvation Army Emergency Radio Network (SATERN)14.265 USB
1800Southeast Florida Traffic Net (SEFT) (Currently only Mo-Fr)146.610 MHz
-600 CTCSS 110.9
1800Tropical FAST Net7.230 MHz LSB
Sunday1800Gold Coast Amateur Radio Association
Fun Net
146.610 MHz
-600 CTCSS 110.9
1930Slow Scan TV Net (SSTV)
(MMSSTV Software)
147.285 MHz
(+600) CTCSS 110.9
2000DMR Tech Net442.875 MHz
CC 1/TS 2/TG 311037
Monday1900Boca Raton Amateur Radio Association (BRARA)
Voice Communications Net
145.29 MHz
(-600) CTCSS 110.9
1930Knights of the Round Table
Simplex Net
146.55 MHz
1930Boca Raton Amateur Radio Association (BRARA)
DMR "Brainwaves" Not-A-Net
442.875 MHz
+5 CC 1/TS 2/TG 311037
Tuesday1900Broward Amateur Radio Association (BARA)
Club Net
146.910 MHz
-600 CTCSS 110.9
2000Rag Chew Net146.910
-600 CTCSS 110.9 (no carrier delay)
Wednesday1900Palm Beach County ARES Net147.045
+600 CTCSS 110.9
2000Southeast Florida NBEMS Net145.29 MHz
-600 CTCSS 110.9
Thursday1900Broward County Emergency Preparedness Net
146.610 MHz
-600 CTCSS 110.9
1930Davie/Cooper City Amateur Radio Club
RF Net
146.640 MHz
-600 CTCSS 103.5
Friday1930HAM Helpers Net146.610 MHz
-600 CTCSS 110.9
Saturday0800South Florida ARES Net3.940 MHz LSB
1800Gold Coast Amateur Radio Association
Fun Net
146.610 MHz
-600 CTCSS 110.9
1900Info & Traders Net146.670 MHz
-600 CTCSS 110.9
2000Gold Coast Amateur Radio Association
DMR Know-it-All Net
443.350 MHz
+5 CC 11 / TS 1 / TG 2