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Regular Meeting Minutes

of the

The Palmetto Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

September 17, 2018

Meeting was held at Dunkin’ Donuts, Davie, FL


 07:10 PM Call to Order and Presidents Report

      · Meeting called to order by club president, John WA4YOG

      · Introductions by name and call sign – 14 were in attendance

Secretary’s Report

      ·    Minutes read and accepted

Treasurer's Report

·         Read and accepted

Old Business

·         Ed WD4HIPhas gotten website up and running.

New Business

·         Marty KI4IQZ mentioned that the Palmetto Club is an Elmer Club and Barry KB1PA suggested that we offer to help new hams to encourage club growth.


·         Bill K4WHL will handle testing at club meetings and is to research whether to have testing through Laurel or ARRL.  Three VEs are needed to grade tests so having a pool of 5 – 6 VEs is best.  Only those who have an Extra license may grade all exams.  Advanced class licensed VEs may grade General and Technician testers, and General class licensed VEs may grade Technician exams.  Testing will not start until early 2019.


·         There was a discussion on having licensure classes.

8:55 PM     Motion to adjourn, motion carried.

Presentation:  Steve Martin W4NQR did an interesting presentation on Hurricanes, The Emergency Net which is on Fridays at 7:00pm 146.610, and The Not Qwight Right Net held on Thursdays at 8:20pm also on 146.610.


Next Meeting   Monday October 15, 7:00pm

Respectfully submitted by;

Jeannette Lucado – KM4TMU




If anyone has comments they would like to make please send them to:
questions at palmettoarc.org

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