PARC HOPPER FIELD DAY – Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

PARC HOPPER FIELD DAY – Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

My apologies for writing this blog a little late, but as they say, “Better late than never.”

On September 9, 2023, we met at the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park for another PARC HOPPER Field Day. It was hot and humid, but that has never stopped the PARC HOPPERS. We started setting up around 08:15 EDT.

Initially, we were supposed to set up at the Primitive Camp Site, but the camp was rented out the week of our event, and we could not use it. So Heather, our liaison for that park, found another location for us. I uploaded an image of the map and marked where we met.

We set up four stations: Mike Sam KF4ZW, David Pomerantz KO4DKN, Gary Michalosky KI4WPI, and myself.

Gary used a metal screen mash as a counterpoise. I have seen that in many YouTube videos but never in person. He got great results with his setup and found a few things to improve for the next time. And this is precisely why we have created the PARC Hoppers. It allows us to test our equipment for emergencies and improve our equipment if improvements are necessary, and believe me, you always find something to improve.

We also had BeBe N4BJC join us with a bunch of Deviled Eggs. Thank you, BeBe, for sharing your delicious Deviled Eggs with us. It didn’t take long until the last egg was gone.

Unfortunately, the weather turned on us around noon, and it started to rain, and later, we had lightning in the area. So, for safety reasons, we broke camp around 12:30 EDT.

It was still a great event; we had much fun, and everybody learned something again.

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