Repeater Status Update.

Repeater Status Update.

We have exciting news today. About three weeks ago, our new Yaesu repeater went online at our repeater location in Aventura. In case you didn’t know, our repeaters are about 350ft up in the air. The Yaesu repeater works on 147.375 MHz with a PL tone of 91.5 Hz and transmits at about 60 Watts. The Bridgecom Repeater works on 443.825 MHz with a PL tone of 114.8 Hz, transmitting at about 30 Watts.

The Yeasu repeater covers close to 30 miles. I have had a QSO with Mike Sam (KF4ZW) with my QTH being in Parkland, and the signal report Mike gave me was excellent. I transmitted with about 50 Watts and a 1/8 Wave Magmount Antenna from my mobile. Here are my coordinates if you want to check it out 26°18’53.5″N 80°15’03.6″W.

Here is a list of the things Mike Same (KF4ZW) and Ricky Eaton (KD4HGR) have accomplished.

  1. Installed new Yaesu repeater into spare cabinet.
  2. Installed re-tuned VHF duplexers into spare cabinet. These duplexers are for the Yaesu repeater.
  3. Installed Mirage RF amplifier into spare cabinet. This amplifier is for the Yaesu repeater.
  4. Moved Astron 12vdc from other cabinet to new cabinet. Powers RF amplifier.
  5. Moved the UHF Bridgecom repeater from other cabinet into spare cabinet.
  6. Installed UHF Fumei duplexer into spare cabinet. Used on Bridgecom repeater.
  7. Removed spare VHF mirage RF amplifier from other cabinet to take back home to clean and test.
  8. Removed VHF and UHF duplexers from other cabinet to take back home to test/retune
  9. Tone out 2 RF coax cables & located them on the roof. These 2 RF coax cables are now labeled.
  10. Replaced 2 roof antenna pigtail cables due to rust and corrosion.
  11. Yaesu repeater SWR under 2.0:1
    -set to automode and can run FM analog or C4FM digital
    -RF power output at 60 watts
  12. BridgeCom repeater SWR under 2.1:1
    -RF power output at 30 watts

This is what our repeater cabinet looked like before it was cleaned up.

This is the repeater cabinet before it was cleaned up and reconfigured.

This is the cabinet after it was cleaned up.

At the very top we have our BridgeComm Repeater and the 100A Mirage Amplifier. Below that our new Yaesu Repeater and below that the Astron Power Supply.

At the very bottom we have our VHF Duplexer for the Yaesu Repeater.

This is a closeup of the reconfigured cabinet.

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  • Nice job. In the first picture, do you see the two quad receptacles? I installed those a few years ago & they are on two individual 20 amp circuits, backed up by the buildings emergency power. So if you can, please try to keep the load balanced when plugging in the equipment.

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