The Palmetto Amateur Radio Club was founded in 1971.

Currently, we are looking to grow our club. One of the things we pride ourselves in is our monthly Field Days. We are jumping from park to park. Once we have been through all the parks in Broward County, we may branch out to other counties. Because of that, we are known as The South Florida PARC Hoppers. As you may have recognized, this is a play on words. PARC stands for Palmetto Amateur Radio Club.

If you would like to join us at one of our PARC Hoppers Field Days, visit our events calendar, find the date and time of the next Field Day, and surprise us.

We are also working with the Boy Scouts of America in helping them with their Radio Merit Badge. We held our first Badge event on June 24, 2023, with six scouts, and many more are to come. Again, to find out when the next Radio Merit Badge is scheduled, check out our events calendar.

If you would like to support the Club, you have some options. First, you can become a member. It is to join. Just fill out our Membership Application, and if you have any questions, you can contact us right here.

You can also find us on DMR in our own TG 3202487.