Repeater Fundraiser

As you know, we currently have only two repeaters that work reliably. Our VHF workhorse (146.375 MHz) and UHF repeater (442.250 MHz). Unfortunately, the VHF repeater is getting older, and we cannot find the software to program it if anything goes wrong or if we need to change settings.

Therefore, we are saving up for a new VHF repeater. Depending on our desired features, a new repeater can cost up to $3,000. Since this is way out of our budget now, we need additional help from our members and those who want to support the local repeater infrastructure.

We are going to split this fundraiser into 3 phases. A phase is completed once the total amount for that phase has been reached. Maybe by the end of 2024, we can purchase a new repeater.

Phase 1: $500
Phase 2: $1,500
Phase 3 $3,000

Donations $0
Goal $500